A few fascinating Tuskegee airmen facts

The name of an African-American pilot group who fought in the Second World War is the Tuskegee airmen. Formally, they created the fighter group and bombardment group of US army air forces. Even there is a film in this name directed by Robert Markowitz in the year 1995. This film let the people know the Tuskegee airmen facts. This movie follows the black Tuskegee airmen who battle Germans and prejudice them behind their lines in the air. Let us see some of the fascinating facts about these legendary black men. On 24th march, 1944, Colonel Benjamin led a fleet of P52 mustang. He set out this team on the longest mission during the Second World War. There were 43 fighters who helped B17 bombers in running a gauntlet into the Germany of Hitler covering over 1600 miles. The Tuskegee black airmen have shot down three jets of German in a day.

Thurgood Marshall defend the bomber trainees

In the year 1944 the 477th offensive group was formed in order to extend the Tuskegee experiment by letting the black aviators to work on the bomber crews. The goal was to send airmen of the Tuskegee group back to US to get trained as B25 bombers. During this time, some African American officers got arrested and charged after entering a club for white officers. Thurgood Marshall is a young lawyer who represented those black officers. The men were released with the help of him. This is one of the fascinating facts about the Tuskegee airmen.

Other interesting facts about these black fighters

In 1941 during the months before US entered war, Roosevelt visited the Tuskegee army air ground in Alabama where training was offered to the black men. Chief flight instructor of Tuskegee Charles Anderson offered Roosevelt to take the flight around the field. Charles Anderson had learned to fly in a used airplane that he bought from his own savings. Eleanor Roosevelt agreed and he used the film and photos that taken in the flight to convince people to support the formation of back fighter or Tuskegee group. Daniel Chappie James began his career at Tuskegee during the period of 1940s. He joined the army air troop in the year 1943. Even after the war has ended, he stayed there are take part in flew missions of Vietnam and Korea. In 1969, He was charged in command of an air force base that is outside of Tripoli. One year before, a revolution led by the colonel Qaddafi had defeated the King Idris’s rule. He ordered to close the American base. But he pushed his armed forces onto this base before a handover to the authorities of Libya could take place. James later remembered the clash that happened a year before. Three Tuskegee airmen became generals and this is one among the fascinating Tuskegee airmen facts. President Nixon appointed Daniel James as the general for being cool in facing the troops of Qaddafi. He was a graduate of the black men experiment. He was the first black American general in the air force of United States.