Rihanna Without Makeup is Still Gorgeous and Stunning

When was the last time you have seen Rihanna without any makeup on? In fact, when it comes to her makeup choices, she usually goes bold and crazy. Her makeup during the recent Met Gala was weird, but people loved it. Seeing Rihanna without makeup is quite rare, but she should try doing it more often considering how lovely her natural face is.

Rihanna pretty much looks the same without makeup. In fact, the rawness of her beauty makes her even more facially appealing.

She looked a lot younger in these photos. She has also not tried some of the weirdest makeup techniques as she was just beginning her career.

Rihanna has already been photographed in public without any makeup on. Of course, she couldn’t care less.

Give her a break. You can’t expect celebrities to be celebrities all the time. They are human beings too and Rihanna is just one of us.

This no makeup photo of Rihanna while holding an ice cream cone made her look like anyone’s best friend. Won’t you just want to hang out with her?

Rihanna could easily be one of your classmates in college in this look. She looked like a really simple and sweet girl.

Just be grateful Rihanna doesn’t wear makeup all the time. If she does, she is flawless in every single aspect.

With the right makeup, the beauty of her eyes and her strong jawline really shine through. Of course, she can do anything and not go wrong.

She is such a bombshell. We all came to love her for her music, but she can be easily appreciated by her stunning facial beauty alone.

Rihanna is such an inspiration to women who want to do whatever they want in life. She sports whatever hairstyle she wants, any makeup she wants and she even has tattoos all over her body.